take a rest

Her message was so strong but so right! Sometimes you need to take a rest.

I have so much respect for Simone Biles in what she did.

When I heard of this story last night I turned to MrsLemonadeKart and I said that’s so like what I say on the page here.

When you feel under pressure and under stress or strain.

Stop, take a step back, take a deep breath. Compose yourself and give your head a rest.

Then get stuck back in.

Don’t give up.

Sport has always been the inspiration for a lot of the theories I have on The Lemonade Kart.

The notion that we are all part of a team, as team members we should be on the lookout for each other and playing for and supporting each other. We should be constantly talking to each other and most of all – never give up fighting for each other.

We Are Team

I believe so strongly in that theory that the Ratoath Under 11’s will start to wonder do I say anything else before a match! When I see them playing for each other and talking to each other on the pitch – I feel so proud for them.

Take a stand for yourself and remember when the going get tough sometimes it’s best to take a rest.


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