story so far

I just wanted to take a little time to talk about the story so far.

You may have read the article on why I started The Lemonade Kart. It’s now been about 4 years since I started doing The Lemonade Kart Facebook page. Originally I started out by reposting positive quotes that I had seen elsewhere.

As time went on I started to post about things I had noticed while going about my day. It these posts that seem to resonate most with the followers of the page.

In the beginning I was only using Facebook, but then I began to post content on Instagram. Positive quotes etc.

Doing The Videos

When I became confident enough I started to do a daily video and talk about how things were going for me.

I carried that on for about the last year. But recently I have stopped doing the videos primarily because I don’t really feel myself. In the last few months I began a change over on my medication as I had reached the maximum dosage on the last type. Since starting the change over I have noticed that I have gone back into myself and become more irritable than usual.

Things Are Tough Right Now

I am finding things very difficult in work these days, all of which just adds to the stress levels. It also means that I come home from long days of work feeling very tired. Sometimes just wanting to go to bed. I am lucky that I can actually talk about my issues. I am even more lucky that I have a Team around me that will actually listen to me.


Only today I met with one of my close friends and we talked about work stuff. The funny thing is he probably doesn’t even realise that when I came up with the concept of We Are Team. That I would have been visualising our front row setup back when we were playing rugby in school for CUS. Today we discussed work. We talked about how situations can impact us. We talked about how these situations can be “managed”.

On the topic of the videos. I know that there are a lot of people who watch them. Aisling would put forward the idea that some people look forward to them. I feel I can’t properly do a video if I don’t feel right myself. Aisling feels that I should show that side, show the vulnerability. I don’t want the videos to drag people down either.

Why Do I do It?

I talked with another friend last week specifically about telling people when I am feeling down. He said he would be skeptical of someone who does that. He would also be skeptical of people who tell “their story” because they are just looking for something. I can’t speak for others. But I can say that the reason I give my story is to help others see that they are not alone. So many people can suffer with different levels of mental health issues. If by seeing one of my posts their feelings are normalised. Then that is what I am “looking for”.

I’ll Be Back

In the words of Arnie – I’ll Be Back!

I may be feeling down and out right now. But I can say without a doubt that I will be back up again. All that is happening now is I am putting in the work to build myself. So when I do make a comeback – I’ll be hitting the ground running.


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