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We are so excited to be able to bring the Get Involved Podcast to everyone.

Wes and I have been talking about doing this project for a long time now. Finally we agreed that we would just do it!

The first episode will give you all a bit of background to us, and how we came to know each other.

But for the purpose of this I’ll give you the run down.

The School Days

Wes and I know each other side 6th class. We both went to CUS in Leeson Street.

I can say that we really didn’t hang around in the same circle of friends. But we would have known of each other.

We finished up in CUS in 1994 and that was the last time I saw Wes for about 30 odd years.

During that time I would have friended him on Facebook. But I never really met him or had a proper conversation. I would not have really known what was going on in his real life.

I assume he could say the same for me – I always use my Facebook profile for a bit of craic.


I would have known that Wes lived in Bettystown. That’s all I really knew about him. So you can image how weird it was to hear that he was now living in Ratoath.

He had a daughter that was in Niamhs class and a son that was on the same GAA team as Conor.

Over 20 years had gone by and it turned out that we were both living in the same village. Not only that but we had so many other similarities in our lives.

I don’t exactly remember how I figured it out but I think I bumped into him at a match with the lads.

I wasn’t really at many of the GAA sessions because I was working in the shop in Navan at the weekends so Aisling was always doing the GAA stuff.


I would say in the last 3 years we became a lot closer and realised that we were similar in the way we thought.

Over time I began to explaining to Wes the difficulties I had with my Mental Fitness and I found it very easy to talk to him about it.

GAA Mentors

Seeing as we both very opinionated lads we found that we had some similar opinions on how a team could and should coached. We were offered the opportunity to put our money where our mouths were. And get involved with the U11 GAA Ratoath Football and Hurlers.

That’s where I would have herd the use of the expression GET INVOLVED and it stuck in my head.

Wes would be calling the lads to gather and if one of them was delaying. He would shout come on GET INVOLVED.

And that’s where the name came for the Podcast came from.

Get Involved Podcast

I had wanted to do my own podcast for a while. So I finally got the guts to ask Wes to do it with me.

An opportunity for everyone else out there to Get Involved. Listen to our chats and the banter #chanter

Keep an eye out for the First Episode going live!

Wes & Michael


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