Before jumping into the juicy part of the morning routine – lets ask a few questions to clarify what exactly we want to accomplish with the routine.

When Does it Start?

To me your morning routine actually starts the late afternoon / evening before. Because that’s when you write your To Do list for the following day. Doing this list should allow you to actually switch off from work and let your mind rest for the remainder of the day.

So what are the key parts to a good morning routine?

  • Wake Up Time
  • Food Intake
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Shower

So let’s take them one section at a time but I am going to work backwards.

What’s Your Wake Up Time?

Straight away lets jump right in with probably the most difficult topic of all. Most people will just say – get up early! But what does that really mean? The answer is calculated by working backwards from when you need to be at your first appointment. For most of us that’s work, college or school. So this is the last thing I will decide.

One thing to look at avoiding when getting up in the morning is your mobile phone for emails and social media etc. You bill surprised how quickly the start of your day can be changed by seeing something on your phone.

What Will Be Your Food Intake?

smile for breakfast
Smile for breakfast

Probably more commonly known as breakfast. More probably the biggest skipped meal of the day. I have to be honest and tell you that I regularly skip a breakfast. I do think that it is important meal and it also time that can be used to sit down and relax. Even have something small.

Exercise – Yes or No?

This is one that I find is contentious in out house. I am not a great exerciser in the mornings. I find that I have more energy in the evenings than the morning. On the flip side I have found that when I exercise in the morning I feel more awake and energetic for work. One thing for sure is that I would always need someone to give me a push when it comes to getting some exercise done in the morning.

Shower Time

shower time
Time to wash up…..

Not just because you’ve probably just sweated a lot during your exercise. But a shower can be a great way to wake the body and mind and feel a bit more invigorated. I found a shower gel that has mint in it and it really wakes you up of a morning.


I was never really a fan of what I would call traditional meditation. I would have always had that image of a Buddhist Monk in a deep trance. But then again I also liked the notion of having quiet time to think. This alone / quiet time is now what I regard to be mediation. A time where I can quiet the mind or even just think about one single idea. I find that this helps me every morning to get my thoughts straight.

Deep in thought…

I generally do this directly before getting stuck into work – that way I can hit the ground running when I open up my to do list that I had made from the night before.

Then that all brings me back to the wake up time.

As I said before I work that back from when I need to be in work and how long it will take me to do all the other bits and pieces.

  • Exercise – 30 minutes
  • Breakfast – 15 minutes
  • Shower & Dressing – 30 minutes
  • Meditation – 15 minutes
  • Travel Time – 15 minutes

From all of that above I would set my wake up time for 7am – that will give me plenty of time to get all parts of my morning routine done.

I hope that this little write up gives you some thoughts and possibly inspires you to put a morning routine of your own into place.

Let me know what you think?