There are 2 sides to every story and probably if you did deep enough you find the 3rd!

All I ever wanted to do as part of The Lemonade Kart was to help people who might suffer at times from poor mental fitness. I wanted to help people see past the illness and realise that there is an end game and that there are ways of getting through the bad times.

On a personal level I allowed myself be drawn into the social media frenzy of the upcoming General Election in Ireland. I am unhappy with the lack of spending in the health sector and in particular on mental health. With that in mind I wanted all my friends to remember the past and the hardship the country had faced and to realise that they are part of the solution. Too many times we as people get frustrated and think – there’s nothing I can do! This is the same for many different situations – i wanted people to empower themselves and be confident in making an informed decision.

Sometimes my personal life does cross over into the Lemonade Kart but I think that is natural as it was my personal experiences that caused me to set it up in the first place!

If anyone thought that this was wrong and shouldn’t have happened I am truly sorry!

Please dont leave us – we are a great team together!




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