This post is about as difficult as the first ever post I wrote on this page as it is so close to the bone for me and the idea behind this whole page.
When you look at Caroline Flack she just beamed with energy and confidence she was a truly charismatic woman. Although I never met her in person she is the kind of person I felt I would get on with and have so much craic with. Yes she is a very good looking girl but it was her personality that would draw me to her. The show she was presenting may have been brutal but she had a way about her that could keep my interest.
I suppose the whole point of that is that she was a great actor too!
I always characterized myself as a great actor – I had the ability to hide my real self behind a false strong personality.
We never truly know what’s going on behind closed doors both good and bad.
Let this sad loss be a sign to us to check on those close to us and especially those who appear to be strong and confident.
Remember #weareteam and we have a responsibility to our team members.
They may not want to talk but knowing you are there and care goes a long long way.

Stay safe Y’All & keep talking!



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