A little story about social media….

So a friend of mine posted on her social media last week that she was going to take a day off the phone as part of a digital detox.

In general the comments that followed were of support however there was one comment that stood out because it just said “how unprofessional” – the reason it stood out was because amongst all the other comments it appeared to be confrontational and out of place.

My immediate response was WHAT????

What is it about Social Media that can bring about the worst in some people? Why at times do we feel obliged to say exactly what’s in our heads??

I know that I can be guilty of saying something as I see it only to regret typing it later – I call it a brain fart.

If we all engaged our minds before opening our mouths we could save a lot of heartache and anxiety for others and ourselves!

You don’t always have to say what you think – be thoughtful – be kind!



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