Literally there are loads of things that you can do while you and your family are at home taking part in social isolation.

Start Up a funny WhatsApp group and send each other funny clips, memes and jokes etc.

Learn to Cook or Bake – this has the added advantage that you can also eat the food after the activity has taken place (hopefully)

Go for a Walk – very easily done – just make sure to keep your distance while you are out.

Brings the kids for a stroll along the beach – again practice social distancing.

Home Gym – home gym is one of the things I started to do when I couldn’t afford to go to a proper gym a few years back. Believe me you can get the same results at home as you can in the real gym. It just takes a little bit of application and preparation. I have 2 instructors that have given me permission to share their content with you to help you get started. There will be something for everyone from the beginner to the more hardened gym bunny!

Paint the House

DIY – There must be a few jobs around and outside the house that you have been putting on the long finger – make a list – check it twice and get started ticking them off the list.

Do work in the garden – fresh air and getting a job done. And in the right time for Summer!

Learn a new Skill – what have you always wanted to do but never had the time. Now is the time to start work on this.

All in all we should seek to get value from this FREE time & remember we are all in the very same situation – please make sure to keep an eye out for those who are vulnerable in our society…..




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