Mediterranean Feast

This Mediterranean Feast Dinner was sent to me earlier today and all I can say is that I wish there wasn’t any restrictions in place because I would have been round to Redi’s house quick smart!

Greek yogurt, fresh garlic puree, salt, little oregano, olive oil and mix together. add olive oil as a sprinkle over the top.

Spinach Pie. Tray painted on olive oil, on a bowl put spinach, 2 eggs whipped, crumbled feta and little bit of yogurt and mix together. On the bottom of the tray 5 sheets of filo.

Add mix and spread. the sides put down and also another 5 sheets of filo pastry every second one brushed with olive oil.

Oven baked 180 and 45 to 50 min. take out and let to rest

Roasted peppers baked and cut in large chunks with salt and pepper. after baked put them aside. For the dressing is olive oil, crushed fresh garlic and a bit of vinegar and oregano and little crumbled feta cheese!

Mixed Roast Veggies!
Meatballs Spaghetti and Parmesan for the kids

After reading through all of that is it any wonder that the people from the Mediterranean live such long and healthy lives? It truly is a Mediterranean Feast fit for a King or Queen!

Thanks Redi for your feast recipe!

For any of you that want to keep an eye on what goes on in Pimiento’s check out their Facebook Page at –



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