Welcome to the world of being related to one of our motivators!

To be honest when I heard that we all has to isolate there was one lad that I knew would have a difficulty in following the government guidelines.

Yeah it was the ‘Father in Law’ – it was the subject of a few phone calls back and forth when we first got the instructions.

The funny thing is that he actually is following the instructions except he cannot simply stay indoors. His daily cycle about the block is his way of getting a bit of fresh air. He also needs to exercise as part of his rehabilitation from the various surgeries he has had over the last few years. You can’t get the right exercise by pacing the house or garden.

Believe it or not the idea for the article came about when he was trying to get and answer to the question of – could he take the bike out for a spin around the block, for the fresh air? Needless to say The Irish Times need to sell papers so this as a story was better for them.

The backlash that has already hit him on Twitter is unreal and in a way kind of unfair. Yes, Sé does not conform to social norms – and he’s been like that for the length of time I know him. But what this article has thrown up for me anyway is – what are the older people who are recovering from operations, and who have been told to get their daily exercise supposed to do? Maybe they should be allocated a curfew to get out and have their exercise??

Take a read of the article and make up your own mind……



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