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I am sure we are all familiar with the Environmental 3R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle, but last night I found it very hard to sleeep and my mind was racing. The concept of the 3R’s for the person came to mind, RELAX RECHARGE REPAIR.

As you probably are already aware most of the things I post are related to my personal experiences or things that have happened to me in the recent past.

Only this week I was talking to my sister (who is working from home) about how stressful this time at home can be. In my case I haven’t been as relaxed for an awful long time so I am really happy and unstressed. However my sister is still working and having to do a normal days work while at home with the three kids around her. She is having more of a stressful time than she would normally have.

My point is that we are all having very different experiences during this time of isolation. And that it is worth being aware that this is the case.

Back onto the topic now, RELAX RECHARGE REPAIR:

During this time we can easily fall out of habits and into bad ones – we can become lazy and complacent. So lets to the opposite and use the extra free time that we have on our hands to properly RELAX. In turn this relaxation will allow the body and mind to RECHARGE & REPAIR.

Doing this exercise will help us to hit the ground running once things return to whatever version of normal they do.

Loot after yourself and enjoy this extra free time that you have together with your direct families and those close to you. Use the technologies available to keep in touch.

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