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The Social Distancing Guidelines, something that I have been thinking about over the last few days. Social distancing has now been in place for a number of weeks.

While I see and know of a lot of people following the guidelines. There a lot of people not doing so. I know from past experiences that teenagers are the ones who are instantly blamed.

My experiences over the past weeks have shown that it’s actually adults that are most to blame.

Yes, in our community we have a bunch of young adults who continue to gather in the dark spots out of view. But it’s the adults that I see out walking, running and cycling in groups. They are grouped together quite close and not obeying the 2m guideline. Neighbours approach quite closely, and engage in conversation with the bin men and the post men.

Cars constantly come and go all day and wonder how essential all these trips are. People have had their hair dresser and other beauty workers to their houses. Yet I am sure that these people would consider themselves doing right??

There are sections of our community that are challenging the the Government and the GardaĆ­ on these guidelines. Today I saw a video of a guy. Who deliberately went out of his way to be stopped. At a checkpoint he argued the Garda that he (the driver) wasn’t breaking any rules. I have also seen the posts asking us not to abide by the guidelines, because they have been made by an un-elected government.

Stay At Home

What is my point you must be asking??

Well my point is that the guidelines have been put in place for the health and safety of ALL in our community – it is not simply for front line staff and the vulnerable – it is for EVERYONE!

There are not many times that we have been asked by the leadership of our country to do something so vital that we should be objecting or looking for ways around the request. Leo Varadkar doesn’t make up the guidelines – there are experts who advise him and the rest of the leadership & it’s his job to present the social distancing guidelines to the country.

To me it’s very simple – FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES!!! as set out by the professionals.

We do not know how long this emergency situation will go on for but we need to start taking the guidelines seriously.

HSE Social Distancing Guidelines – HERE

If you are looking for something to do while you are off work or at home during this time – HERE



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