weight loss

Why is it when we think about getting fitter and into shape that we first focus on weight loss?

Weight Loss??

Is Weight Loss what we really want to be doing? Or do you want to get fitter, healthier and have a more nutritious balanced diet??

I have out together some simple enough tips that we can do everyday to help keep on top of our fitness.


Exercise every day. I’m sure you’re thinking that’s pretty obvious but seriously get about 30-45 minutes of exercise every day. Go for a brisk walk or a jog, cycle or go for a swim. Mix it up and you will be surprised how quickly you will begin to get fitter.

Fueling the body

Eat a balanced diet. At the moment the buzz on the PT scene is Calorie Deficit. Less calories in and then use more calories to promote the use of the fat stores in the body. Then you can focus on the nutritional values of the foods that you are putting into your body. Is it the correct fuel that you will need??


Get the right amount of sleep. This is key to any lifestyle change. Your body needs to be rested enough to be able to keep up with the extra demand that you are going to be putting on it.


Make goals. There is very little point in starting something like this without having goals in mind. Spend some time working your goals out and putting the plan in place to achieve them. As time progresses mark off the milestones as they happen. I myself set a goal as to complete the 2019 Dublin City Marathon.

To achieve the goal of the completing the DCM2019 I needed to put a training plan in place. The lucky thing is that there are so many training programs available online such as Hal Higdon.


Aside from everything above the single most important thing is to BE POSITIVE. You have to be positive in how you approach the lifestyle change. Embrace all the new things that you are going to do, and learn something new from the experiences.

While you are starting on this journey – remember the words of Yoda – Do or Do Not – There is NO Try!

I don’t think it would have been possible for me to write this post without using that quote!!!

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