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As parents we more than likely have spoken to our children about the benefits of having a daily routine. Yet have we actually stopped to think about the benefits to ourselves of having a routine in place.

I know that I am in the minority when it comes to my feelings on routine. Since I absolutely love a routine, especially when it comes to work.

I am going to use this Isolation time to put a Routine into place for myself to see how it works – outside of work! A lot of my reading and studies are based on the techniques used by the military. So don’t be surprised if you see some miliatry references mentioned in the post below.

Why don’t you join me on the journey?

Meaning of Routine:

Noun – a sequence of actions regularly followed

Adjective – performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

Save Time

Logically speaking if you have a routine you will naturally end up saving time. Each day you will know what needs to be done and when. Time getting set up for each task will be reduced and time spent wondering, eliminated.

Promote Good Habits

A routine is a great way to build in all the good habits that you want to form. Anything that you want to focus on in particular can be part of the routine. For me I want to get fitter & leaner – so exercise and healthy eating will form a large part of my routine.

Get Important Things Done – Prioritse

The morning time part of the rutine is going to be the busiet for me. I will use this time to do the things I normally don’t like doing. I’ll use this time to get my daily exercise in. Here is a link for a Home Workout Session that you might enjoy.

Retired Beret Sergeant Major Karl Erickson says a military-tested morning plan of attack can boost energy, productivity and sanity.

“Military morning routines prepare us for combat, but they also transfer well to the office, without a doubt,” Erickson says.

Save Money

The most simple example I can think of to illustrate this point is to have a set weekly menu. That way you will only buy the food that you need to prepare that menu. Food should therefore not go to waste. Nor should you be buying more than necessary.

Reduce Stress

For me this is the biggest reason for getting a routine in place. I want to be in a position whereby I am ready for the day. I will be excited to see what is going to happen next rather than anxious.

Achieve Goals

As I have spoken about before it is important to set out your goals. Not to have goals is almost certainly going to mean you will not have a plan. If you don’t have a plan – then there is no routine. You need goals in place so you can formulate the plan and the routine. My goal is to complete the Dublin Marathon in a faster time than I did last year.

Track Success

Part of your routine should be to check back in on how you are doing with regard to your goals. This fact alone will keep you updated on what you have achieved. You can take heart from this and in turn boost your positivity and energy.

Who wants to join me on this journey???


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