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A Morning Routine is the starting block for the day ahead and getting your daily routine the boost it needs. Following on from the Daily Routine post I felt that the morning routine itself was the most important part of the day. Here are some of the components that would make it up.

All that I have detailed below is the best case scenario for me, the last time I published something like this my kids gave me such a ribbing!!


Set an alarm to give you enough time to do the following before needing to leave for work – for me this would mean that I would need to get up around the 7am mark. This gives me around 1.5 hours to fit in everything else I need to do.

Meditation – 5 Minutes

Wake up and take some time to become aware of your body – from your head right down to the toes.

I like the idea of this little exercise because it allows me time to wake up gently and spend a few minutes setting my goals for the day.

It also allows me to ease into my routine and allows me to be mindful about slowing things down in general.

It’s a more focused version of hitting the snooze button!

Exercise – 30 Minutes

Get out for a brisk stroll, do some gentle exercise or go for a run. Exercise is a natural and effective way to treat anxiety.

With the release of endorphins they can relieve tension and stress, boost your physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being.

I normally would prefer to run in the evening but will now walk in the morning in an effort to WAKE UP!

Shower – 15 Minutes

You’ve just done some exercise and if you are anything like me – it’s shower time.

When you are taking a shower turn the temp down towards the end of the shower. That colder temperature will give you that extra bit of invigoration.

I would also allow time here to get dried and dressed. Dressing well they say is key to projecting a positive image of yourself so make that extra special effort.

Read a bit more about cold therapies – HERE

Breakfast – 25 Minutes

Eat a healthy nutritionally balanced breakfast. For me this is easier said than done. Breakfast is the one meal that I will always skip during the working week. I never create the time to eat breakfast.

With the Morning Routine I will have no excuse to sit down and eat breakfast without rushing. Again from research I have gleaned that it is recommended that a coffee / caffeine drink is a good thing at this point.

Over time I will share with you the breakfasts that I have tried and which ones are working for me. From preparation times to taste etc.

No Phones / Social Media

You may have noticed from that list above that we – Don’t reach straight for technology when we wake up! This is something that I already practice and more recently I leave my phone downstairs overnight. I had found that checking Social Media or emails could put me in an anxious mood before the day started.

I would strongly recommend doing the same to avoid any unnecessary anxiety in the mornings. You don’t need anxiety as part of your morning routine.

If everything about goes to the time plan then – you should have a few minutes to spare to wake the children up – check their schoolbags.

In my case I will have all that I will be bringing with me for the ready left ready from the night before. That way I don’t have to go rooting in the morning.

Off to work I go……………..



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