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It’s great to have my old school on board. It’s not very often that over 20 years after leaving you are written about by your old school. But that is what happened to me quite recently.

Catholic University School

Its also weird that my most anxious of times would have taken place in that very establishment.

Not that I am blaming the school for the anxiety in any way. But I was always most anxious at exam times or when doing a test in class.

I need to be very honest and say that I wasn’t great at studying. The night before teh exam was when I did the bulk of my work. I prefered practical things more than having to learn off a load of information. My brain developed a way of deleting unwanted information at a very early age. Information for me was only necessary if I could see a use for it in the future.

Martin Freeman

Career guidance was a funny one for me. I remember Mr Freeman asking me what I wanted to do one day. I replied that I wanted to join An Garda Suiochana. His response was that I was in the wrong school!

Geography was even better. One of my least favorite subjects (along with French). I usually was put sitting on the right hand side of the class at the front. Where Mr Ryan could keep his eye on me. Because of that I was always first up for the question. Naturally I got it wrong and I got the “out you go” and began the walk to the back of the class. I think I only ever learned Geography as a result of the punishment I got for being at the back of the class. The punishment was to write out the entire chapter and hand it in the following class.

Keep Left – Keep Quiet – Keep Moving

History was a little bit more interesting but I put that down to Mr Jennings. After we got to class by keeping left and keeping quiet. I still can’t walk up or down a flight of stairs without hearing that!!! Kevin Jennings had a way of making history interesting. He also had a weird thing where he would refer to famous people by the alternative name. For example:

Winston Churchill was always called LoseGramm ChapelMountain

So all that tomfoolery played right into where my head would always be. Looking for the alternative or different angle. So I always held Mr Jennings in high regard.

Now that I have staretd this I cannot close off without mentioning a few of the other characters that made up the teaching staff.

Terry Keogan

Mr Terry Keogan – my Irish teacher that drove the old Ford Escort into school every day. That car always reminded of my Dad’s 1972 Ford Escort Estate.

The Orange Escort on my communion.

Terry was cool. Far to old to be doing computer science but he was able to read it from the book. He had the packet of Polo Mints hidden in his sock. He’d grab a mint every time he bent down to tie the laces on his slip on shoes.

Mr Hacket – the art teacher that had to let Ivor Brennan off early as Ivor could always hear his bus coming………..

All ready for the Debs – Shane O’Reilly, Brian O’Reilly and myself.

Science & Chemistry Fun

The last two were in a league of their own and both taught Science and Chemistry. Fr Daly and Fr McKenna. Fr Daly with the FE2+ colored jumper and Fr McKenna who used shout out – you boy, are you masticating at the back. Don’t worry I had to check out what it meant too!

Johnny Lynch, Shane O’Reilly & Myself at Graduation

Anyway back on topic. I was delighted to be asked by past pupils union for permission to publish some Lemonade Kart material on thier website.

Here is a link to the Catholic University School Union Site – HERE

I do have fond memories of school and I did have a great doss time while I was supposed to be doing Transition Year. Transition Year is what made me. I was missing in the Art Room for most of the year. Teachers were looking for me but I stayed hidden. The craic that Patrick Reynolds, Simon Hancock and myself had was deadly. Oh if only I could turn back the clock.

Thanks for reading and do check the BLOG for other tit bits of stories etc.



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