reality bites

We have been in lock-down for the last 2 months but today I feel like now finally reality bites!

We are on the eve of the loosening of the restrictions and I have reservations.

Do we as a population actually realise the implications of social distancing. During lock-down I have been doing my How To Videos. A lot of the videos were based around DIY. So there is a lot of timber around the garden. I looked out this morning and saw a 4 meter length of 3×2 timber.

Reality Bites

I started the conversation at the table – that if I was to stand int he middle of the timber the person at either end would be 2 meters away. All of us were surprised by actually how big a distance that actually was.

Social Distancing

That got me to thinking of the 2 shops that I had frequented for supplies during lock-down. They never had any of their queuing spaces 2 meters apart. The reservation I have is that there might be complacency to not adhere to the guidelines that will still remain in place

I don’t really have a point to make other than when the restrictions are lifted tomorrow I would ask everyone to respect the social distances that are required and respect the space to other people.

Stay Safe

There will be a section of our population that will be anxious about the lifting of the restrictions and we don’t want to add to those anxieties.

I myself have been very happy during the period of lockdown as it has allowed our family to grow even closer.

I would be happy if lockdown continued for a few more month. But at the same times I know that we must return to normality as quickly as possible.



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May 2020
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