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Over the last few days the words, PLAN and EXECUTE have been going through my head and today I had the reaslisation that it could form part of a PERSONAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Before I start – What is a Quality Management System??? Take a look HERE


There are so many companies out there that pride and measure their success against various different industry standards, why we we not be able to do something similar for ourselves as humans.


Well this is probably the most difficult bit because there are no REAL standards that you can look at. You really have to sit down and work this bit out for yourself. Each persons standards are going to be different. Your standard is going to effectively be your goal.

Once you have your standard or goal established then you will need to put a plan together to achieve them. The plan should be as detailed as possible and include all the necessary steps and milestones so progress can be tracked and checked. Remember the old saying “fail to plan is to plan to fail”. OK it’s a bit corny but the sentiment is correct.

So now you have 2 peices of the puzzle down on paper and ready for the next step.


I don’t mean that you are going to the electric chair! I mean that the plan has to be put into action and executed. This bit should be easy enough to do provided you have put the time and effort into putting a good plan together – but don’t worry! There is a part of our Quality Management System that will allow us to take care of anything that goes wrong for us….. More on that later.


So you are following through and executing your plan, but some things are not going as planned or as you had assumed / expected! Because your plan was so detailed with timelines etc. you will be able to see how far you are behind because of these differences. You can note the impact on the plan and decide whether the plan needs to be adjusted or tweeked.


I hate using that word because it really is a buzz word! But here is where you get to tweek the plan and make the adjustments that you found out during your evaluation phase.

Like all the good computer programs you will then setup a loop that goes back to the execution phase and loops through – EXECUTION EVALUATION & OPTIMIZATION

The Quality Management System is then setup and working properly – things are in theory always getting better. That is until someone makes changes to the Standard and raises the bar.

Now that’s what I call progression!


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June 2020
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