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Keep The Gyms Open – Our Mental Health Depends On It, well that’s my view. I haven’t taken the opportunity to write for some time now. But the recent lock down situation in the country has pushed my thoughts onto paper.
One way in which I thought I would always able to make a possible impact on my brain and metal fitness was through improving my physical fitness.
There is probably very little new with that statement I hear you say. However in my defence I rarely give something a go unless I have come to a conclusion myself. I’m a little bit stubborn like that.

I Do My Homework

As I may have written about previously – I tend to study where and what I want to do before making the final jump into doing it.

Here is a little passage that I wrote for the members of SDF in Ashbourne where I eventually ended up joining.

My Fitness Journey – The Real Start

Howdy Y’All – I ran this by Sharon D Doherty to make sure I wasn’t breaking any rules but I also feel so strongly about it that I asked for permission first!I have been an official member of SDF for the last 3 months. But I have been an avid follower of all things SDF for a lot longer time.I was doing my “homework” before taking the final jump into joining.I would normally be a shy person, but when my wife suggested that she wanted to join up too, there was the sign that it was meant to be.I joined SDF for a lot of different reasons.However the biggest plus for me has been the TEAM element. There is such a great bond between the members of the gym. This wasn’t something I was necessarily “looking” for but I am so delighted that I got it – BONUS.Our first night in was a bit of a nervous affair – but we were made feel right at home by Dara. She had our names and we slotted right into the class.Over the time since then I have gotten to know so many different people, different ages and different abilities – but the common thing is we are all doing our best, regardless of everything else.When I started doing The Lemonade Kart – one of the big ideas was that we are all part of a Team – I am now part of the SDF Team – and I like it.Could I ask all of you to help me grow The Lemonade Kart Team by LIKING and possible SHARING the page to your extended Teams??Looking forward to seeing all on the gym floor very soon again!Also on Instagram as

My Tagline is:#weareteam

Previous Attempts

I do have to say at this stage that I had a lot of help previously from both Daniel Glynn and Aonghus Lynch, who I had gone to for Personal Training before. The difference with the PT was that I felt more of my time chatting. Not concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing. This was no reflection on the guys at all. They had the knowledge I just didn’t have the application.

The SDF Effect

The difference with Sharon I had hoped would be that she would not take any of my chat and make me do what had to be done!
I wasnt disappointed at all. She has kicked my ass from word go.
I am not being pushed past my ability. I am more “encouraged” to do what has to be done and to do it correctly.

You can read a bit more about Sharon Doherty HERE

Now, since the Level 3 restrictions have hit and classes are no more the landscape is very different.
The new little routine that I had sorted for myself is now all over the place. I had finally got the personal proof that my mental wellness was directly connected to my physical fitness, or at least my ability to work on my physical fitness.

Click here to read a little bit about routine and its benefits.

Keep The Gyms Open – Our Mental Health Depends On It

It is my humble yet strong opinion that Gyms and classes need to remian OPEN whatever the level of lockdown is. The government and their advisors will need to come up with the necessary guidelines to allow GYMS to stay open.
If the gym is serious about it’s members then I am confident that they will comply also.
Please do get behind this message and Keep The Gyms Open – Our Mental Health Depends On It.

Michael G


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  1. I so agree with you., For me the gym is my main social link to the outside world. It stops me focusing on covid and for those 45minutes I have to listen, learn and stretch. I, feel my anxiety levels will skyrocket and get out of control if the gyms close , on the other hand with their numbers reduced due to dreaded Covid regulations, how are they surviving? I thank all of them for finding a way to survive.
    My next question is who do we approach and how? Letters, email or petition

    • It looks like the petition is well on its way to being completed.
      I know many of the members of the gym I attend have also written to local representatives asking them to intervene.
      I am switching my training up but I don’t get that buzz that I get when I train hard with others.
      I hope that things will change and it doesn’t last the 6 weeks.

  2. Thanks for writing about this. I have to agree so much with you on this as my son is 17 years old and going to the gym motivates him and he would be lost without it. So many restrictions unfolding and the benefits of going to the gym and exercise are so well known, now that winter is coming in let’s hope they don’t close the gyms.

    • Hi Eimear – thank you taking the time to write a comment! It looks like we didn’t get the favourable decision to leave the gyms open. Hopefully some common sense will be seen and the decision overturned.

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