mind body and breathing

Sometimes it all just clicks, mind body and breathing

And now for one of my own!

While doing an open gym session, something that I always struggled with I noticed that my output was surprisingly higher than when I was in a normal class environment. 

I know that I always used to have a certain amount of anxiety right before a class started because I didn’t know what was going to be asked of us.


I also know that there used to be monthly competitions for the individual in the gym that had the best performance stats for that same period. The level of competition that this produced was a little unhealthy so the comps were ditched. 

At the time I recall saying to someone that the only person I was in competition with was myself and for that reason I was cool with either situation.

When you’re competing with yourself you are constantly pushing that extra little bit and having the MyZone monitor helps me track that.

Now back to the point of the post.

The Analysis

My boss and I (Aisling) often had the chats after class and we’d begin the post class data analysis. We’d be as bad as Sky Sports!!! We would be talking about the difficulties getting into the yellow or red sections on the board.
I’d always conclude that some days we’re better than others….

But today it struck me. When I’m hitting those Red Zones – everything is just clicking into place, The Mind, The Body and most importantly The Breathing.

More To Come…

Ill talk about The Breathing in more detail another time. But its the final piece of the puzzle for a killer session!

Have a read of why I think its so important to keep the gyms open should we move to a higher level of lockdown – click the LINK

Michael G



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October 2020
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