using mental health to support an argument

Over the last few weeks it has become increasingly more common to see people and organisations using Mental Health to support an argument to either keep a business open or to have a business classed as essential.

The Lemonade Kart

As anyone who follows this website already knows The Lemonade Kart is all about Mental Health and having a positive outlook on Mental Health – When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemonade.

Mental Health is an illness which effects about 18.5% of the population according to a report done back in 2016. At this time it would have also been reported that Ireland would have had one of the highest percentages of all the countries in the report.

I am sure that in the last 4 years that this figure will have risen significantly as the stigma attached to Mental Health is being removed.

Using Mental Health to Support an Argument

But back on track with my point – using mental health to support an argument. It would appear to me that segments of business have seen that Mental Health is ever rising as a topic in our society and as such they are using it as bargaining tool.

It is my opinion that the use of mental health in this way dilutes the seriousness of the illness.

Something which I have been very vocal on is the issue of #keepgymsopen, keeping the gyms open during the Level 5 Restrictions.

Gyms can be a very important part of someones recovery or management of their mental health illness, however I think the message is being diluted by just simply saying its for mental health.

A gym or gym classes are beneficial for a lot more than just mental health or metal fitness. For that reason it should be argued that they are essential for the wellness of the whole body.

From my own personal experiences in the gym – I suffer from anxiety and depression buy the main reason I want to the gym was to work on my physical appearance and gain the confidence of knowing if I put my mind to something I could achieve it.

Personal Experiences

From speaking to other people in the gym I understand that there are some people there because they suffer from confidence issues, recovering from abusive relationships. There are also people that are recovering from injuries and heart conditions.

By simply using mental health to support an argument you are alienating a larger segment of our population by singling out a smaller portion of people.


That’s one side of the issue. More recently I have seen some business on social media begin to use Mental Health as a “cool” or even a “buzzword” – one example was a small coffee shop suggesting that it’s coffee was an essential service and necessary for good mental health – go figure.

I really do cringe when I see things like that happening and it goes against everything that I work for on The Lemonade Kart. We should be normalising mental health issues not singling them out.

Not Cool

In society we all have that little thing that makes us different – individualism. We should be support of each others views and opinions but hopping on a bandwagon and using Mental Health to support an argument is just not cool.

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October 2020
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