i just feel let down

I just feel let down in a number of different ways but mainly because my government have decided to cut my access to train as I saw fit, for myself.

I feel let down because a lot of the people I know are complaining that the Level 5 restrictions are bad for Mental Health yet they are actually missing the point that the complaining is also bad.

The closing of gyms impacts directly a lot less on Mental Health than all of the moaning and complaining about it.


OK – I have said before that I went to a gym for a few different reasons:

  • Improve my fitness
  • Be part of a group of like minded and motivated individuals
  • Work on my mental fitness, as part of my overall fitness.

So, the government as part of curbing the spread of Covid19 decides that the closing of gyms will reduce the number of positive cases or reduce the overall spread of the virus.

How many positive cases have been attributed to the fitness industry directly – apart from sports such as GAA and soccer, rugby etc?

From the figures I have seen I understand the number to be very low – yet we get shut out of our gym at the first hurdle.

I Feel Let Down!

I think the government have really let me down with the closure – but they have also failed to listen to sensible feedback from not only the industry but from the people who use the service.

I don’t like the fact that the response from gym owners has been to focus on the mental health aspect of the gyms being opened or closed.

I wonder pre-covid how many gym owners would have said that they were open simply to cater for people with mental health issues?

How many gym goers would have come forward to say that they were going to the gym for their mental health alone?

What I am getting at is – lets be honest a gym was there for people to get fitter and take care of themselves in a whole bodily way, not in any one particular illness.

So why now just focus on the mental health part?

General Illnesses Will Increase

It’s still bad that gyms were closed but the real reason is people can’t train and ultimately that causes an issue, but it’s a wider issue than just mental health, there could be obesity, and bulimia etc and general illnesses.

The biggest reason for opening the gyms back up is that they had no real impact on the spread of the virus. The benefits are that people can continue to train and general illness does not increase.

I case so passionately about mental health that I cannot see the seriousness of it deteriorated by using it for every argument going.

Now I have to look at an alternative way to train other than going to the gym – which has turned my whole routine on its head.

Having to put a whole new routine together is bad for MY head!

I need my gym back open and functioning as normal.

Hopefully I won’t be let down again!

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October 2020
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