core values

Your Core Values are the core principles that determine the way you live, act and behave. Values are what Make You. YOU!

Values are a fundamental part of you and they reflect what matters to you most.

Because of this it is import to regularly look at what our personal values are. The fluidity of life means that our values may change over time. So a regular check is recommended.

Lifes harmony can be directly attributed to how closely you live and work with your values. When we live a life aligned closer to our values it can make for a happier existence.

I was only recently introduced to the concept of values and was blown away by the concept.

It made total sense to me when I realised that a lot of the issues I was experiencing in my life were because of a disconnect with my core values.

When starting to look at values it can be a bit daunting but I have below a fairly extensive list for you to take a look through. To start you can make a list of all the values that stand out to you, maybe make a list of 10. Then afterwards it might be easier to then narrow down that list to 5 overall core values.

You should then begin to understand your values and how they drive and motivate you. You can also begin to identify the ways in which you can act on your values to enrich your life and increase your fulfilment.

Below are a list of values, which isn’t exhaustive but it will get you started:

If you are coming up with values that are very similar you might consider grouping them? For example serenity and calmness could be grouped as mindfulness.

I have also come across an exercise where you take each of your chosen values and you take 1 minute per value to define what that value means to you – I have found this to be especially helpful. Perhaps you would too.

For example I value learning and education – so my definition would look like this:

I value education and I define it as the process of continually learning through reading, study, experimentation, talking, listening and exploration.



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