Wim Hof workshop

Wim Hof Workshop with John McKeon of Loving Oxygen

Saturday the 8th of October was the day that we were booked in for our Wim Hoff Workshop. The location for the workshop was the Octagon Health Studio in Dundalk.

We were booked in to do the workshop and also record an episode of the Get Involved Podcast. Unfortunately due to work commitments Wes wasn’t able to make the session. As a result Aisling and I had to do it alone!

In my typical fashion I didn’t do much research, and I wasn’t able to give much detail to Aisling.

All I knew was the course started at 10:30am and was due to last about 3 hours.


The workshop started off with an introduction by John on himself, his business and what the Wim Hof Method was all about.

After the theory part we went into the practical breathing exercises and instruction. We learned of the benefits of the breathing exercises. We also learned the differences and benefits between mouth and nose breathing.

Wim Hof Method

The three parts of the Win Hoff Method (WHM) are Breathing, Cold Exposure and the Mindset to continue to carry the WHM out.

Cold Exposure

Next was onto the Cold Exposure part of the workshop and that involved going outside to the Ice Bath. So we all stripped off to our swimming togs and went outside to the awaiting bath. The bath consisted of cold tap water and many added bags of ice.

We had a little ceremony as we all added in a bag of ice each. As every person took a turn to get into the ice bath extra bags of ice were added. To keep it all topped up and cold.

Here are our ice bath dips:

I have to say a massive thanks to both Jackie and John for having us. What a lovely couple.

We will be back for another go very soon.



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