clothes appeal

As the title Clothes Appeal suggests we are working with a group of local Philippine mothers to collect pre loved clothing to be sent to underprivileged families back in their home country.

The ladies have been doing this type of work since they first arrived in Ireland. They regularly send their old clothes and shoes back to the Philippines.

It is said the Philippines hasĀ 19.99 million individualsĀ living below the poverty threshold. This represents 18.1 percent of the total population (109.6 Million in 2020).


It takes approx. 3 months for the parcels of clothes to reach their destination. The transport costs of each shipment is funded by the ladies themselves and they receive absolutely no remunerations for doing this work.

Having spoken to the ladies, I understand the challenges that families in their country are facing. Any little bit that we can do to assist them will be greatly received.

Good Cause

There are so many people out there doing clothes collections – I wanted to put together this sort article to explain why this is such a good cause.

I am hoping that by reaching out to you. You might be able to gather together any old clothing that you feel appropriate to donate. We can then arrange a collection or drop off point that suits.

The great part of this story is that once the items are distributed at the other end photos are taken and the recipients send thank you notes back to Ireland.

Clothes Appeal

It is a great initiative and I think there are a lot of you out there that will be able to help out.

Getting in Contact

To get in contact or make a donation. Please use the Contact Form on the home page of our website – by clicking this link



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