Get Involved Episode 47

We are back in the shed at the bottom of the garden to record the Get Involved Podcast Episode 47

get involved podcast episode 47

We had Darren O’Brien booked as a guest to come and talk to us about the world of classic Volkswagen buses and cars. This is something he is so passionate about. However something came up for him at the last minute so we had to postpone. Needless to say both of the lads are keen to have the chats with him as we have a soft spot for the camper scene too.

get involved podcast episode 47

Wes spoke about his Hiace that he bought while he was in Australia and sold it for a profit when he left to come home.

I don’t know how we got talking about Motorbikes but Wes seemed surprised that Michael had one – and here it is:

get involved podcast episode 47

We had a great laugh making this episode. But then again that seems to be the normal run of things.

get involved podcast episode 47

The topic of growing the audience for the podcast is a big one on our hitlist. If you know or anyone that would like to Get Involved. Or, you know of a way that we can reach a bigger audience. Please do drop us a message on the Contact Form on the Home Page of the website.

If possible you can like and add our podcast to your favourites. That way you will be notified every time a new episode is uploaded. Get Involved Podcast is available on all the popular podcast platforms.

You can also find us on Spotify – Link to Episode 47 below:


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