get involved podcast episode 48

Addiction and the Road to Recovery

Get Involved Podcast Episode 48 was a great opportunity to talk to someone with first hand experience of this very important topic.

This evening we had a guest come in to talk to us about alcohol addiction. And the disruption that it can cause to a persons life. Emmet talks to us very candidly and openly about his own struggles with alcohol. How he went into a rehab program and turned his life around. He is now 13 years without alcohol and you will hear how he now lives the life he really wants.

Get Involved Podcast Episode 48

A truly inspirational story and well worth having a listen to. Thanks so much Emmet for taking the time to talk to us!

New Friends

The shed at the bottom of the garden is a very popular spot. You just never know who is going to drop by. While we were talking a very inquisitive lad by the name of Toby came in for a listen.

If there is something that you think we should cover as part of a podcast please do reach out to us. You can drop me a message on the Contact Form section of the homepage.

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