get involved podcast episode 49

We can hardly believe that we are on Get Involved Podcast Episode 49 already. It all started on the 21st November 2021. Well that was when we did the first recording.

One Year On – Happy Birthday!

Well it’s nearly our one year anniversary and Wes and Micheal are in giddy form. We take the time to think back over the last year and what we have achieved.

Our funniest moment and our favourite moments. A lot had been discussed and lot has been learned by both of the lads but most importantly we are happy that we got involved and started doing the #getinvolved podcast.

Funniest Moment

This one is absolutely and without doubt the episode that we recorded up in the Wicklow Mountains with Se O Hanlon.

Se presented Wes with the cliff and Wes walked right over it. All I can say now is there is a make of push bike called a Mercier and Wes wanted to know how many CC the bike was!!!

Favourite Episode / Best Guest

We decided that we didn’t have a favourite Episode or guest. But rather we had favourite bits of every guest that we had. What did then dawn on us was that we didn’t really have good pictures of the guests we had!

Here are just a few of the ones I could get my hands on while writing this.

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Fruity Language

There needs to be a little bit of a warning as in the heat of conversation a few fruity words slipped out this episode. If you are extremely easily offended by the F Word. Then I need to warn you of a few instances.

Nonetheless we hope that you give it a listen and enjoy what we bring your way!!

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