Welcome to the Get Involved Podcast Episode 51. We are getting ever closer to our favourite part of the year! Or is it? Tune in below to find out what we really think of Christmas!

The Back Story

Wes and Michael went to school with each other in CUS. Since finishing school in 1994 they didn’t meet up again until 2019 when both their sons ended up playing for the same football team. After hitting it off on the sidelines the two of them thought they should Get Involved and bring their banter to the wider audience. After all they know so many people would enjoy it. The Get Involved Podcast was then born!!!

Get Involved Podcast Episode 51

We started off somewhere but we definitely didn’t finish up where we expected!

get involved podcast episode 51

This episode I had the brain fart to record video of the podcast. After much shunting and grunting we got the table rearranged. Brought in different uncomfortable high stools and we perched ourselves and hit record. I haven’t even bothered to look at the video because I decided I had a face and body for radio. And that people should be spared from having to look at me. As Wes is a fine specimen of a human being – I’ve posted this photo that shows us in our little shed. The look on concentration on me is unreal. While Wes takes it all in his stride. Turn Up – Record – Entertain – Go Home!

Down to Serious Business

Now to the serious stuff. Why do we do this podcast? We do it because we love it. As Wes pointed out during this episode – rather than standing on the sidelines of life – we jumped right in and got involved. Get Involved is about getting stuck into something that you are passionate about. Doing something that occupies your body and mind. Something that you can’t do without.

We are looking to speak to as many different groups in the community that keep people occupied, entertained and busy.

Lets Get Involved

To date we have been talking to representatives from the following groups and cannot wait to #getinvolved and meet them in person:

  • Ratoath Rugby Club
  • Ratoath Harps Football Club
  • Ratoath Scouts
  • Ratoath Mens Shed
  • Ratoath BMX Club
  • Ratoath College
  • Kiltale National School

If you are part of a club or organisation and would like to #getinvolved – please do reach out to us by DM on any of our social platforms or send us a message on the contact form on the Home Page of The Lemonade Kart.

Instagram – www.instagram.com/get_involved_podcast

Facebook – www.facebook.com/get_involved_podcast


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