Resilience is a word you will start to hear a lot more about these days. But […]
mindfulness and meditation
Having only recently discovered Mindfulness and Meditation I am already a convert to the powers they […]
questions to keep motivated
Sometimes when we are struggling all we need is to ask some questions to keep you […]
good habits
When you hear good habits. You have all probably heard of the book Seven Habits of […]
cold showers
Just a Little Piece on the Benefits of Cold Showers I am all about finding something […]
Wim Hof workshop
Wim Hof Workshop with John McKeon of Loving Oxygen Saturday the 8th of October was the […]
wellness recovery action plan
Your WRAP is your Wellness Recovery Action Plan The Wellness Recovery Action Plan concept was developed […]
get involved loving oxygen
We are so excited to announce that we are to Get Involved with John McKeown at […]
morning routine
There are a few reasons why a morning routine is of benefit to us, our body […]
core values
Your Core Values are the core principles that determine the way you live, act and behave. […]