Introducing Our Supporters

Our Supporters are so valuable to me. Keeping The Lemonade Kart going requires a lot in both financial and pure energy terms. All of the people below have been of huge support to me. Sometimes it just an encouraging word. I am well known for getting brain farts and coming up with a project I want to get off the ground. These people help to keep me grounded and offer valuable feedback on what I am attempting to do. I hope that by giving them and their businesses a mention that you might check them out and if you require any of their services that you contact them and see can they be of assistance to you. 

Just tell them that Michael sent you!

Sanity Systems

Dave Byrne has always been there to listen to and advise on all things Lemonade Kart. Most recently Dave took care of the printing of The Lemonade Kart business cards.

Link Studios

Jessica O’Connor is just one of those people that makes it very easy to talk to about getting design work done. Jessica was the one who designed the Lemonade Kart cards.

Manorfield Cars

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cars and Wesley Grattan is the only man to talk to if you need a car. He has always kept me mobile and has given his services in getting the Podcast Van on the road. Check out his website below.

Soak Bathsalts

Karen at Soak Bathsalts has been a great supporter to me since I made her acquaintance back in March of this year. Please check out Karen’s page on Instagram and learn how her fabulous products can help you relax.

Millview Childcare

I couldn’t do any of this without the support of the CEO of the Gibson household. Aisling runs a fantastic childcare facility in the village and a lot of the ethos of The Lemonade Kart is very visible in the creche – they are one big happy team.

If you feel that you would like to get in touch and become a supporter of The Lemonade Kart, I would love to hear from you. You can get in contact by using the contact form on the Home Page of the website.