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I get these every day – and many times during the day.
But my Brain Farts are not the typical type!
My Brain Farts are extremely productive and for sure serve a purpose.
I used the Brain Farts expression in a conversation recently and I had to explain exactly why I call them so.
So I’ll do my best to capture it all below – if your easily offended by talking about anatomy and all associated aspects please turn off now!
To me a Brain Fart is an idea, something that pops into my brain. Usually something extremely creative that I can get excited about something that could consume a lot of brain power to try and remember it.
Now if you think of a regular fart – I’m sure you will agree that it can cause discomfort if you hold it in???
I see the same thing happening if you hold in your Brain Fart – it takes up brain space and energy and processing ability….
So let it out – by letting it out I mean – write it down on a piece of paper or a notebook.
That way you can free up that space in your brain and free up that processing power. No pain and no stress trying to remember this great idea!
You can then revisit the Brain Fart at a later stage and work on developing the idea or making that decision that it wasn’t a great idea in the first place!!