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A place where you can improve your mental fitness through various different ways.

get physically fit

Follow a program to help improve your physical fitness.

get mentally fit

Follow a program to help improve your mental fitness.

get active

Find something to do in your local area that gets you out and active.

beat anxiety

Find things to do that help you beat your anxiety.

How To Videos

Click the link below to see all the How To Videos that we developed during the isolation period of COVID-19.

All videos are based on learning how to do the small jobs around the house and they are made for everyone to use.

Covid-19 Isolation Hacks

I have added this section to give followers ideas on things that they can do to beat any boredom that might arise while we are isolating ourselves during this worldwide pandemic.

cooking & baking ideas

We have posted some recipes that have been shared with us by a follower.

Home Gym

Click below to see some innovative ideas for exercising at home. Brought to you by DGPT and Sharon Doherty.

outdoor Activities

Why not get out into the garden and get the odd jobs done just in time for summer. Also go for walks locally. Click for some more ideas.


Take time out to be on your own and practice mindfulness. I have also posted some activities you can do to keep the children busy.

What They Say…..

“it does brighten my day we are all so busy… we are all into our own stuff.. so its warm feeling when you read such inspirational words. Lifts ya right up.



“Excellent platform for people to express themselves without judgement…..”


Business Owner

“Great to see a bit of positivity in your Facebook feed….”



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We have been in lock-down for the last 2 months but today I feel like now finally reality bites! We are on the eve of the loosening of the restrictions and I have reservations. Do we as a population actually realise the implications of social distancing. […]
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