Those who have supported me along the way…

Our Supporters are so valuable to me. Keeping The Lemonade Kart going requires a lot in both financial and pure energy terms. All of the people below have been of huge support to me. Sometimes it just an encouraging word. I am well known for getting brain farts and coming up with a project I want to get off the ground. These people help to keep me grounded and offer valuable feedback on what I am attempting to do. I hope that by giving them and their businesses a mention that you might check them out and if you require any of their services that you contact them and see can they be of assistance to you. 

Just tell them that Michael sent you!

If you feel that you would like to get in touch and become a supporter of The Lemonade Kart, I would love to hear from you. You can get in contact through any of my pages on social media platforms.