get involved podcast episode 49

The Get Involved Podcast Episode 50 is now uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure.

The Back Story

Wes and Michael went to school with each other in CUS. Since finishing school in 1994 they didn’t meet up again until 2019 when both their sons ended up playing for the same football team. After hitting it off on the sidelines the two of them thought they should Get Involved and bring their banter to the wider audience. After all they know so many people would enjoy it. The Get Involved Podcast was then born!!!

Conscience Corner

Conscience Corner

This week we are joined by Aisling. Aisling will be joining us from time to time to keep an eye on us. She will be our Conscience going forward. Although where she sits is not actually in a corner – more like on the couch at the far wall. But Aisling can still hear us. And jumps in when it’s needed.

Four Legged Friend

Get Involved Podcast Episode 50

We seem to be making a habit of having our pets come in and visit for the podcast too. This episode we had Morty (Wes’s long legged whippet) in for the chats and the pants. Such a quiet little fellow – and such a gorgeous temperament too.

Morty & Wes

Get Involved Podcast Episode 50

This episode we did our best to get into the festive spirit. We had a few topics to cover:

  • Whats your favourite Christmas Movie?
  • Whats your favourite Christmas Song?
  • Whats your least favourite Christmas Song?
  • What was your best Christmas Present?
  • What was your worst Christmas Present?

That’s where we got kicked off. As regular listeners know. We rarely finish up on what we started. There is a tendency to slip off topic and discuss the things. However that’s what keeps us current and applicable.

So sit back relax and enjoy Episode 50 of The Get Involved Podcast!


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