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Just a Little Piece on the Benefits of Cold Showers

I am all about finding something that can help improve my overall Mental and Physical Health. In addition I like to be able to share my experiences in the hope that someone else might also find a benefit.

The latest thing I have begun to look at is Cold Exposure and Cold Showers in particular.

Cold Showers are said to give the following:

  • Increases Alertness
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Speeds up Metabolism
  • Can Stimulate Anti Depressant Hormones
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Increases Testosterone Levels
  • Improves Mood and can improve Mental Health
  • Can Improve Emotional Resilience
  • Speed Up Healing
  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Inflammation

There are quite a few benefits listed there but the one that I can feel immediately is the increased alertness and the improved mood.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a cold shower. You can also take to the beach and do a spot of sea swimming.

While on our Wim Hof Workshop we were shown a technique that helps you while under the water. It’s a fairly simple breathing technique where you consciously breath and your out breath is longer than the in breath. Breathing in through your nose would be the better option.


For the after shock of the cold water exposure we were given a special dance from John at Loving Oxygen. First you have to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly as if you were about to do the Haka!

The All Blacks in full Haka action!

Then you begin to rock from side to side. Transferring your weight from leg to leg. Then you begin to push and pull an imaginary ball with your hands – crossing your arms in front of your body.

The movement is very like the move in Thai Chi below:

Doing this movement actually causes the body to warm up as you are using a very large muscle group. You certainly won’t be long warming up – I can assure you of that. No need for a Slide Robe at all.

Having all that knowledge – who wouldn’t want to #getinvolved and give it a go?

For more information on the Wim Hof Workshop and Loving Oxygen – you can take a read of my article below:



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